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Dogs: They Never Ghost Us or Abandon Us

“Everyone knows that dogs can be firehose-like gushers of unqualified love.”  Today I enjoyed an essay from The New York Times by Amy Sutherland on the incredible love connection between dogs and humans: Opening the Heart’s Floodgates, With A Paw. Our beloved dog companions might eat our shoes or snatch a piece of roast beef off […]


Cats Who Love Wilderness Adventures

This morning I came across a whole new genre of blogs and social media: cats who love adventure. Hiking in flower-covered hills, sleeping in tents, walking on fence-edges of railings, perching on the edge of mountains and the tips of rowboats and sailboats with the wind in their faces… you name it, they love it. […]

Life Together

How Do Acts of Love Inspire Your Day?

“We are not called by God to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love.”     —Jean Vanier (founder of L’Arche) Doing ordinary things with extraordinary love–what does this really mean? What would you consider an ordinary thing and how can this small act be transformed for someone else into extraordinary […]


Beauty in the Sky

This was only the second blog story I ever posted when Away In Autumn started as a travel blog and I was visiting Iceland and Scotland. In autumn of course. What an amazing adventure. I keep coming back to this post lately, and deeply missing those green luminous Northern Lights and this majestic experience of […]


Beautiful words to inspire

Some valuable words (first part of a poem) from a lovely American poet, Jane Kenyon, who died several years ago from cancer. She shared a genuine, honest, brave, and vulnerable attitude through her beautiful words, and she experienced sincere moments of gratitude. Otherwise I got out of bed on two strong legs. It might have […]

Sole Stories

Snowy Running

I wish I could say I run like the wind; instead I can say that I run with the wind. The snowy blowy wind. These winter days, in -10 and -15 and -20 temps, with or without snow falling, and always with snow crunching and squeaking under the soles of my feet, I have been building an […]