Miles High Blogging

I am blogging from an airplane. About 30,000 to 40,000 feet in the air. The tiny window beside my seat shows blue sky and white clouds, and below, nothing more than wisps of fog and bits of green land. I was lucky enough to be on an airplane many times from childhood to now: Switzerland,... Continue Reading →

Catnaps for Cats and Humans

My cat is a snuggling therapy cat and hunter in one.  Her name Keko means 'blessed and lucky one' in Japanese. She was blessed and I was blessed. And we were both lucky to find each other. She was a stray from Animal Rescue Foundation, and they had found her on a rural road on... Continue Reading →

When The Slowest Comes First

“You take the lead Debra,” said Gil. “I can’t lead… I’m the slowest runner here! ” We were doing our warm-up walk and about to start our first running set, heading down the path along the Thames. “That’s why you need to lead us in our speed… we pace ourselves by the slowest in the... Continue Reading →

Foodie Blogs and “Julie and Julia,” But Most of All, Eating Together

Maple bacon-wrapped chestnuts. Blueberry cheese cake. Bruschetta with goat cheese and balsamic drizzle. Rubarb crisp. Herb-butter baked salmon with lemon, steamed to perfection. Oven-roasted garlic parmesan potatoes. Soft-battered fresh haddock from a tiny town in Scotland with a red wagon outside the window. Double-fudge brownie chocolate cake for a late-night birthday celebration. So many people... Continue Reading →

Blogging Away

Does blogging have to be an individual, quiet-space activity? Can blogging be a room full of people who are all learning, talking, collaborating and writing their stories side by side on twelve laptops? Many people think of blogging as something we do on our own, maybe in the quiet of a morning tea, or on... Continue Reading →

Common Ground: From Coffee to Community

"When will the coffee be ready?" is often the first question you hear at Monday and Wednesday drop-ins at Sanctuary London, a non-profit in London that supports those facing poverty and exclusion. Delicious coffee, roasted locally by Patrick's Beans, brings comfort to the uncomforted, and there is something even better about sharing it across the... Continue Reading →

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Mary Oliver, a well-loved poet, talks about paying attention and noticing what's in front of you, of being fully aware, of staying in the present moment and writing poems about where you feel awe and wonder at the world. Her poem "The Swan" helped me see a swan with more wonder and curiosity and gratitude... Continue Reading →

Listening to What Matters

I have been reading again this charming and deep-felt book by Emma Hooper: Etta and Otto and Russell and James. A book that makes me want to get up from my chair, put down my laptop, grab my backpack and a few clothes and beloved things, and start my walk east towards the ocean. To... Continue Reading →

Maple & Ruby: Falling into Something Natural

Ruby: an imagined name for a daughter and then a name for a new creative business, which started here in London, Ontario. Maple, a beautiful name from a children's book about a sweet girl involved in nature and play. Together these names have shaped an up-and-coming business started last year by Krista Rathwell: Maple & Ruby,... Continue Reading →

Weather Or Not

They say the first game of darts was imagined during the rain. A group of archers gathered indoors in a pub while waiting out the rain, and started aiming their short arrows at a point on the wall. Someone told me once I am a pluviophile: a lover of rain; someone who finds peace of... Continue Reading →

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