Beauty in the Sky

This was only the second blog story I ever posted when Away In Autumn started as a travel blog and I was visiting Iceland and Scotland. In autumn of course. What an amazing adventure. I keep coming back to this post lately, and deeply missing those green luminous Northern Lights and this majestic experience of […]


Miles High Blogging

I am blogging from an airplane. About 30,000 to 40,000 feet in the air. The tiny window beside my seat shows blue sky and white clouds, and below, nothing more than wisps of fog and bits of green land. I was lucky enough to be on an airplane many times from childhood to now: Switzerland, […]

Away Nature Love

Smelling the Flowers

The Scottish gardens and the flowers made it hard not to stop every two minutes and smell them. You can be quite a long time on a walk at that rate. They are colourful, cheerful, and as “scottish” as you would picture them to be. The garden that touched me the most was the Queen […]


Three Day Highland Tour & New Friends from Hong Kong

Ben Nevis right there! One of my favourite memories was my 3-day-bus tour of the Highlands in Scotland. An amazing experience of so many beautiful spots in Scotland. We started out having lunch in Inverness and then Clava Cairns, continuing to Cairngorm National Park and then Culloden Battlefield, at sunset, where the golden sun in […]


Following the Castle Trail

Castles are everywhere in Scotland–some restored, some rebuilt and some in ruins in the hills. While there wasn’t enough time to follow the entire castle trail, I’ve explored five castles–all of them charming, beautiful, and full of stories and history: Stirling, Edinburgh, Eilean Donan, Urquhart, and Inverlochy Castles. The weather, landscape, and stories gave each a unique feel and distinct […]

Away Sweet & Savoury

Wind at my Back

I love Scotland. Iceland was wonderful, but Scotland has made its way into my heart. There is something so charming and unforgettable here–narrow winding streets, hidden tea rooms, kindness of strangers, warmer weather, and the beautiful friends I am staying with… and I am happy here. Upon first arriving, I was more than an hour late landing, […]


‘Round The Golden Circle

In bringing my week in Iceland to a close, my second last day was spent travelling around The Golden Circle, also known as Ring Road. A road well-travelled by locals and tourists, our first morning stop was Iceland greenhouse farming, and visiting the beautiful Friðheimar greenhouse, where tomatoes, cucumbers and other plants are grown with the aid of geothermal heat. As […]

Away Nature Love

Where Have All The Birds Gone?

I miss seeing birds. I thought I would see all kinds of birds, but it seems to be the wrong season. No sparrows on the sidewalks, no black silhouettes in the trees, almost no birds anywhere. I saw one in the city the other day, and a couple while out along the seashore and lava fields. But other than […]


On My Way…

Day 1 of Iceland, and a close friend from back home asked me if I would post a blog. So here you go, friend. Yesterday I was officially on my way, with a 9:00 pm flight to Iceland and enough time at the airport to watch the Blue Jays hold a winning score for the first 6 wonderful […]