Follow Along with Me!

  “And here in the dust and dirt, O here, the lilies of His love appear.” (Henry Vaughan) Dear Readers, Winter seems to be hanging on tightly, but spring is hinting that it wants very much to arrive, and Springtime for me is a time of new life and seeds being planted into beautiful flowers. […]

Creative Life Together

Blogging Away

Does blogging have to be an individual, quiet-space activity? Can blogging be a room full of people who are all learning, talking, collaborating and writing their stories side by side on twelve laptops? Many people think of blogging as something we do on our own, maybe in the quiet of a morning tea, or on […]

Creative Nature Love

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Mary Oliver, a well-loved poet, talks about paying attention and noticing what’s in front of you, of being fully aware, of staying in the present moment and writing poems about where you feel awe and wonder at the world. Her poem “The Swan” helped me see a swan with more wonder and curiosity and gratitude […]


Listening to What Matters

I have been reading again this charming and deep-felt book by Emma Hooper: Etta and Otto and Russell and James. A book that makes me want to get up from my chair, put down my laptop, grab my backpack and a few clothes and beloved things, and start my walk east towards the ocean. To […]

Creative Life Together

Knitting Love

Community is beautiful. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. We began in January at the Byron Library. Our three piles of colourful patterns of knitted squares have grown to about 4 feet. Knit stitch, seed stitch, moss stitch, basket weave, colour blocking–all so beautiful. We began with an idea to start some knitted squares and […]