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Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Mary Oliver, a well-loved poet, talks about paying attention and noticing what’s in front of you, of being fully aware, of staying in the present moment and writing poems about where you feel awe and wonder at the world. Her poem “The Swan” helped me see a swan with more wonder and curiosity and gratitude […]

Nature Love

Weather Or Not

They say the first game of darts was imagined during the rain. A group of archers gathered indoors in a pub while waiting out the rain, and started aiming their short arrows at a point on the wall. Someone told me once I am a pluviophile: a lover of rain; someone who finds peace of […]

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Spring Came Early Tonight

Sometimes you cannot guess how your evening will go, especially when you live in a community house. For our Monday family meal, we made pizzas together for dinner, then afterwards planted parsley, chives, and sweet basil into small pots to grow from seed on our kitchen windowsill. The feeling of earth on my fingers while […]

Away Nature Love

Smelling the Flowers

The Scottish gardens and the flowers made it hard not to stop every two minutes and smell them. You can be quite a long time on a walk at that rate. They are colourful, cheerful, and as “scottish” as you would picture them to be. The garden that touched me the most was the Queen […]

Away Nature Love

Where Have All The Birds Gone?

I miss seeing birds. I thought I would see all kinds of birds, but it seems to be the wrong season. No sparrows on the sidewalks, no black silhouettes in the trees, almost no birds anywhere. I saw one in the city the other day, and a couple while out along the seashore and lava fields. But other than […]