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Beauty in the Sky

This was only the second blog story I ever posted when Away In Autumn started as a travel blog and I was visiting Iceland and Scotland. In autumn of course. What an amazing adventure. I keep coming back to this post lately, and deeply missing those green luminous Northern Lights and this majestic experience of […]


Beautiful words to inspire

Some valuable words (first part of a poem) from a lovely American poet, Jane Kenyon, who died several years ago from cancer. She shared a genuine, honest, brave, and vulnerable attitude through her beautiful words, and she experienced sincere moments of gratitude. Otherwise I got out of bed on two strong legs. It might have […]

Sole Stories

Snowy Running

I wish I could say I run like the wind; instead I can say that I run with the wind. The snowy blowy wind. These winter days, in -10 and -15 and -20 temps, with or without snow falling, and always with snow crunching and squeaking under the soles of my feet, I have been building an […]

Life Together Sweet & Savoury

Gingerbread Love: Spread It Around

Dear friends ~~ it’s been a few days of sugar cookies and gingerbread baking in our home. It’s the first time in years that I baked at Christmas time. My mom always made amazing favourites over the years–gingerbread, hazelnut, chocolate, and more, but I never picked up the tradition. In the last couple of months, things […]

Sweet & Savoury

Better with Butter: Making It Fresh

I love making new things because they give me hope. It’s inspiring and even freeing to think that new and fresh things can be made in a world where so many things seem to be going wrong. Whether it’s knitting a new scarf or blanket or baby hat, photographing a toddler or the birth of […]