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Gingerbread Love: Spread It Around

Dear friends ~~ it’s been a few days of sugar cookies and gingerbread baking in our home. It’s the first time in years that I baked at Christmas time. My mom always made amazing favourites over the years–gingerbread, hazelnut, chocolate, and more, but I never picked up the tradition. In the last couple of months, things […]

Sweet & Savoury

Better with Butter: Making It Fresh

I love making new things because they give me hope. It’s inspiring and even freeing to think that new and fresh things can be made in a world where so many things seem to be going wrong. Whether it’s knitting a new scarf or blanket or baby hat, photographing a toddler or the birth of […]


Miles High Blogging

I am blogging from an airplane. About 30,000 to 40,000 feet in the air. The tiny window beside my seat shows blue sky and white clouds, and below, nothing more than wisps of fog and bits of green land. I was lucky enough to be on an airplane many times from childhood to now: Switzerland, […]

Life Together Sole Stories

When The Slowest Comes First

“You take the lead Debra,” said Gil. “I can’t lead… I’m the slowest runner here! ” We were doing our warm-up walk and about to start our first running set, heading down the path along the Thames. “That’s why you need to lead us in our speed… we pace ourselves by the slowest in the […]

Sweet & Savoury

Birthdays and Last Days of Summer

I was six and chose my favourite yellow dress with white polka dots. I remember pulling it out of the closet and putting it on. I have a photo of myself with short cropped hair, wearing the yellow dress. I was sharing my birthday party with my brother. Both of us with summer birthdays. My […]