The Journey

“One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began …
                                        ~~ Mary Oliver

I love the beauty of bearing witness to joy and sorrow, and celebrating the humanness in one another. The world we live in is always transient–nothing is permanent, but words and photos and stories capture a moment of light that stays with us. I love language and photography for its ability to show beauty where beauty was neglected, to inspire where hope was lost, and to show humanness in situations where people have been forgotten, misunderstood, marginalized, and made invisible. Photography and creative image gives voice to the voiceless as much as writing, speaking, and music. I love images for their ability to help us be present, live in the moment, and really see what the mind’s eye often misses. Seeing in new ways is my goal, as well as allowing light to transform how see and interpret people and situations, especially social justice issues.

I love to photograph and write about people, babies, families, nature, music events and performances, street photography, non-profit community organizations, poverty initiatives, and more. I photograph the countryside, farms, animals, and dogs (especially in showing the unconditional love they share with their fellow humans.) I also love the ability of photography to tell our individual and life stories, and to find our place in the larger story of community and humanity.

Please send me a facebook message or email if you would like me to photograph you or your event, be a guest blogger, partner in a new journey you are venturing on, or just plain talk blogging and life. I’d be happy to chat with you.